Board of Excellence

Board Of Excellence - Projects

The Board undertakes many projects and activities in support of HMES. Many of these are ongoing and necessarily evolutionary, developing alongside HMES as the school itself develops over time. The Board remains committed to the children, staff and leadership at HMES and works at all times and in all circumstances in full partnership with the school.

One of the biggest challenges facing HMES since it was established has been regular, reliable cash-flow. This lack of regular funding has made any form of tactical and strategic planning very difficult. One of the primary goals for the Board during the remainder of 2014 is to establish a fund that will support HMES, allowing a more structured approach to its development. Operating along similar principles to a ‘crowd fund’, the fund will allow both corporate sponsors and individual supporters to contribute comparatively small amounts on a regular basis, pooling them to generate a reliable monthly income. These funds will allow HMES to plan for growth and develop its aspirations of educating an ever-greater number of under-privileged children. The Zenith Fund has been created and UK registered-charity status is pending.


Preparation of Five Year Plan
One of the most exciting medium-term opportunities for HMES is the plan by the Indian Government to redevelop the suburb of Malvani, the north-western suburb of Mumbai in which HMES is located. If these plans are completed, HMES will be gifted extra land-space, allowing it to nearly quadruple in size; in 2020 HMES could accommodate 5000 children. The Board is actively involved in every stage of preparation for this plan, making sure that HMES is ready to capitalise on this significant expansion opportunity.

New Building
With the help and support of the Board, HMES recently purchased a new building, adjacent to the existing premises. This is scheduled for reconstruction over the 2014 Recess, to enable the development of four more classrooms including a Science Laboratory. The Board recently provided 18 computer microscopes for use in this new lab. The extra space will allow HMES to accommodate a further 160 pupils.

Creation of School Links
Schools across the world have much to learn from each other. Whilst circumstances and context vary, the core business remains the same; to provide the very best education possible for each and every child. In pursuit of this, in 2012 the Board, HMES and Sherborne Qatar initiated a series of exploratory visits to develop a link between the two schools. These led to a highly successful cooperation between the schools, which became firmly embedded in both the curriculum and the daily fabric of each establishment. The comparative asymmetry in wealth of both the schools and indeed countries, provided significant learning opportunities for children at each school. Links are now being explored with other international schools to expand this exciting area of teaching and learning.


A growth area in many schools, ICT is now a crucial and integral part of the curriculum. HMES provides ICT using exceptionally meager hardware. The Board is committed to developing the school’s provision for ICT through funding ICT purchases, like tablets and laptops.