Our Commitment

We ensure that:

  • The curriculum of our schools accurately reflects and uses the variety of knowledge of all peoples as the basis for instruction; that it actively provide students to understand the faause inequity in society, and to understand the similarities, differences, and the connections between different forms of discrimination; and that it helps students to acquire the skills and knowledge that enable them to challenge unjust practices, and to build positive human relationships among their fellow students, and among all members of the society.

  • All our students are provided with equitable opportunities to be successful in our system; that institutional barriers to such success are identified and removed; and that all learners are provided with supports and rewards to develop their abilities and achieve their aspirations.

  • Our hiring and promotion practices are bias-free, and promote equitable representation of our diversity at all levels of the school system; that all our employees have equitable opportunities for advancement; that their skills and knowledge are valued and used appropriately; and that they have equitable access to available support for their professional development needs.

  • The contributions of our diverse community of parents and community groups to our schools are valued and encouraged; and that they are provided with equitable opportunities for working with staff and with each other for the benefit of all students.

  • Students, employees, parents, and community partners are provided with effective procedures for resolving concerns and complaints that may arise from their experiences of unfair or inequitable treatment within the school system.

  • Financial and human resources are provided to support the work of staff, students, parents, and community groups, and for staff development, in promoting equity and inclusion in the school system.

  • Procedures are in place at all levels of the system for implementing, reviewing, and developing policies, programs, operations, and practices that promote equity in the system, for assessing their effectiveness, and for making changes where necessary.