Events / Activities

Events & Activities June 2011 - May 2012

6th June 2011 to  11th June 2011

      • Four Fellows from Teach For India joined Holy Mother English School for their 2 years Teaching Programme
      • School organized a workshop for all the teachers along with 4 teachers from TFI.
      • The workshop was conducted to include the various teaching aids for the academic year 2011 – 2012.
      • A Brief training and orientation were provided to teachers for the new year of the school.


13th June 2011 to 18th June 2011

      • Dyaneshwari Educational Initiatives (DEI), a NGO formed a textbook circulating bank in the school
      • This programme helped all the 800 students for their textbooks.
      • The textbooks have to be returned to the school at the end of the academic year so that the same are used in the next year by other students.
      • Parents appreciated the programme as it reduced their financial burden to an extent
      • DEI also provided library books to the school.
      • The library books included World Books, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, etc
      • DEI made a huge contribution in setting up an ART ROOM for the students whereby providing various types of colour materials, drawing boards, brushes, crayons, and other art related materials.





15th June 2011

      • The new Academic Session 2011-2012 started
      • A security guard was appointed for the safety and vigilance of the school premises and the students
      • The Staff now compromises of 25 Teaching staff, 6 non teaching staff.
      • 3 Water Purifiers were installed at different level for the staff.
      • A Library wall cubboard was installed at the ground floor class room with the financial support from Dyaneshwari Educational Initiatives.


18th June & 19th June 2011

      • A team from Painbox NGO painted the tree walls of the school.
      • These paintings were theme based so as to make the class environment bright and appealing to the students


4th July 2011- Foundation Day

      • Holy Mother English School celebrated its 7th Foundation Day.
      • Sweets were distributed to all the students and staff.


21st July 2011 - 27th July 2011 – Kalam Week

      • Holy Mother English School arranged a Kalam week as a promotional activity for Smile Foundation’s Film “I AM KALAM” based on child labour
      • Students from Std. IV to Std X were asked to prepare charts on information on Former President Dr. A.P.J Kalam.
      • There was a poster contest on Kalam among students.
      • The top three students were felicitated with certificates and appreciation awards
      • A team from Smile Foundation’s Volunteer visited the school for the event.
      • Volunteers appreciated the hardwork and interests of Students in taking part for the topic “Kalam Week”


23rd July 2011 – Parents Meeting
      • Parents meeting was conducted for all the classes in two session
      • Session One : Morning 10:00 to 12:00
      • Session Two : Afternoon 1:00 to 3:00
      • Various activities and programmes to be conducted through out the year were shared and discussed with parents.
      • Their feedback were taken note for the further development and improvement in running the classes.


25th July 2011 – Visit by Teach For India Volunteers (TFI Visit)

      • Three students from foreign universities Brazil, Spain and UK, Ms. Barbara Christina, Mr. Felix Litzkow, Mr. Oscar Anibal visited the school as part of the TFI programme
      • They spend a good two hours in the school whereby they interacted with the staff, students and parents.
      • They paid a community visit along with the TFI teachers to know first hand the difficulties faced by the Parents in educating their wards.


26th July 2011 – Corporate Visit (Smile Foundation)

      • Ms. Sadhana Shukla, Manager Education Programme From Ambuja Cement Foundation along with the Team of Smile Foundation visited the school as part of the corporate visit.
      • She appreciated the association of Smile Foundation with Holy Mother English School and a visible and positive impact it was showing in the school’s vision and actities.

15th Aug 2011- Independence Day

      • Independence Day was celebrated in school premises
      • Students gathered and decorated the ground using tri-color, rangoli, balloons, etc.
      • Chief Guest Shri Cyril D’souza, (President NCP – Malad Taluka) hoisted the national flag.
      • Chief Guest gave a motivation speech to the students.
      • A student from Std. III sang patriotic song
      • A student again from Std III gave a small speech on Independence Day
      • Chocolates were distributed at the end of the event to all the students.


22nd Aug 2011 – 29th Aug 2011 – First Unit Test Examinations

      • First Unit Test Exams were conducted for all the classes


28th Aug 2011 – Mid Day Meal Programmed

      • Mid Day Meal Programme for our school students was started by ISKCON Foundation in association with Rotary Club, whereby all the students are getting the wholesome nutritious and healthy food prepared in ultra modern food processing plant.


3rd September 2011 – Teachers’ Picnic

      • A Staff picnic was arranged for the teachers at Panoramic Resort, Panvel, on eve of Teachers’ Day Celebrations in appreciation of the hard work and untiring efforts taken by the staff for imparting quality education to the underprivileged section of the society.
      • It was the occasion for the staff of both the sessions Primary and Secondary to have a get together and share their experiences at Holy Mother and strengthen the bond of team work


5th September 2011 – Teachers Day

      • Holy Mother English School celebrated the Teachers Day
      • Students from higher classes took turn in teaching the lower classes.
      • They had a great time and felt empowered by the act of becoming the teacher but also realized the difficulties the teachers have to go through daily by discharging their duties
      • A Team from Smile Foundation visited the school.
      • Ms. Karen Green from UK spent some quality time with students from both the sessions. She sat among the students while the senior students were taking class.

10th September 2011 – Open House

      • Open House was arranged for all the classes for the First Unit Test Exams
      • Parents of each student were personally called to discuss about the child’s academic progress


12th September 2011 – Installation of Cement Benches at our premises

      • 5 Cement benches were installed for the benefit of students and parents in our school premises by our local municipal councilor Smt. Suvarna P Madhalkar Ward No. 30


14th September 2011 – Invitation to IDF Foundation Day

  • IDF Foundation Day 2011 was organised on 14th Sept. 2011 at Master Dinanath 

Mangeshkar Hall in Mumbai. Chief Guest Dr. Ganesh Raja, Director, ITM Business 
School Guests of Honour, Dr. Geetha Mohan, Principal, UPG College of Management, Dr. Vandana Lulla, Director, Podar International School, Wg. Cdr. S. Balasubramaniam VrC. 
Dr.A.R.K.Pillai, Founder President, IDF presided over the function. 
IDF Grants to Western India were disbursed. Honours and Social Action 
Awards to Schools/ Principals/Teachers/ Corporate Bodies and Social Workers. 
This was the 28th Foundation Day of Indian Development Foundation.


21st September to 26th September 2011 – Design For Change Week

      • Holy Mother English School participated in the Design for Change (DFC) Contest 2011.
      • Students took three projects as part of the DFC contests
      • One : Traffic Management : Students realized the need of a Zebra Crossing on Gate No. 6, Abdul Hamid Road. They interacted with other students, parents for the problems and drawn a Zebra Crossing on the road during the night hours with the help of the local police and concerned authorities
      • Two : Awareness Among Rickshawalas : Students felt the need to create awareness about spitting on the roads done by one and all. They took rally with placards, slogans to spread the awareness about the illeffects of spitting on the roads. They specifically involved the rickshaw drivers and handed them spit bins so as to prohibit them from spitting on the road. Students also made them signed on the pledges for not spiting on the roads
      • Three : Grand Parents’ Day : Students from lower classes felt the need to acknowledge the love and affection which they receive unconditionally from their grand parents by making beautiful drawings for them and awarding them with personalized drawings.

2nd October 2011 – Be the Change Day

      • Holy Mother English School Celebrated the Birth Anniversary of Gandhiji as “Be the Change Day” at Township Municipal School Hall.
      • All the School Parents and Students were invited to be the part of the event
      • Members from Indian Development Foundation, Rotary Club, Principals of Oxford English School, Divine Provident School, Gurukul School, and other respected personalities attended the function
      • The Book – “I CAN” was launched. The book had the wining top 100 concept in form of stories of Design for Change 2010 Competition
      • Gandhi look alike was invited in Gandhiji’s costume to make the event more coloruful
      • Three Projects designed and executed by Holy Mother English School under Design For Change Competition 2011 were shown on the projector.
      • The event ended with snacks and softdrinks


10th October 2011 to 21st October 2011

      • First Terminal Examination for 2011-2012 Academic Year was conducted for all the classes


22nd October 2011 to 13th November 2011

      • Diwali Vacations were announced for all the students


14th November 2011
      • Children’s Day was celebrated in the school
      • Chocolates were distributed to all the students
      • Children were asked to perform various activities in their respective classes


15th November 2011

      • The results of Design for Change Competition 2011 was declared on the website.
      • Holy Mother English School stood top 66th in the competition


19th November 2011

      • Open House for the First Semester Examinations
      • Each individual parent were informed about their child’s progress.
      • Parents meetings were conducted.


27th November 2011 – DFC Prize Distribution Function, Ahmedabad

      • Mr. Rafiq Siddiqui along with Mr. Ganesh Bharyawala attended the Prize Distribution Function of Design for Change 2011 at NIFD, Ahmedabad organized by Riverside Foundation
      • Mr. Shashi Tharoor, MP presided the function
      • Holy Mother English School received the prize for the competiion
      • Prize included a Mexus Learning Kit and a Globe


22nd December 2011 –  Visit to Radio One Station

      • Some Students attended the Radio One Station for recording of Christmas messages
      • Students got an opportunity to chat on Radio
      • Film Celebrity, Mr. Neil Nitin Mukesh was also present at Radio One


24th December 2011- Umang Utsav Mela 2011

      • Umang Ustav Mela 2011 was celebrated at Holy Mother English School, by exhibiting the journey of school through the photos.
      • The event was inaugurated by lighting of lamp by Ms. Irene from Smile Foundation, Dr. Anita Nagpal from Varija Madhava Foundation, Mr. Farid Shaikh from Gurukul School.
      • The drawings drawn by Students on long canvas on the topics like Ancient India, Places of India, Dream School, Mother Nature, People of India was also kept for exhibition
      • All the students and their parents were invited for the event
      • Many Respected people like Dr. Pillai from Indian Development Foundation (IDF), Dr. Narayan from IDF, Dr. F.H Rizvi & Ms. Tarannum from Elia Sarvat School, Mr. Krishna from GOONJ, Mr. Srinivasan Kini from Mastek Foundation, Mr. Nanu Sodha from Lions Club, Ms. Sheetal Dhanak from FPH, Mr. Amit Malhotra from ABM Exhibition, Mr Cyril Dsouza from Malwani Helpline and many others made their presence at the event
      • Dr. Anita Nagpal from Varija Madhava Foundation announced and distributed the scholarship to 22 students from the school.
      • Mr Rajesh Voralia sponsored the toys for all the students
      • Students performed a Skit on population
      • Other activities like karaoke singing, speech, poem recitation, were performed by students
      • Fancy Dress Competition was also organized for Primary and Pre-Primary students
      • All of the Holy Mother English School Teachers were awarded an Appreciation Certificate


28th December 2011 – Nehru Science Centre Trip

      • 50 Students from Secondary Section were invited to attend Nehru Science Centre, Worli by Indian Development Foundation
      • Students got an opportunity to feel and understand the basic science concepts at the Nehru Science Centre
      • Two Teachers accompanied the students for the Science Trip
      • Students enjoyed, learned and experienced this scientific trip


29th Dec 2011 – IDF Invitation For Christmas Celebrations

      • Indian Development Foundation invited Staff and Member of Holy Mother English School for Celebration of Christmas and New Year at Vimala Centre for the Leprosy.


18th Nov 2011 – 23rd Dec 2011

      • Arpan, an NGO, conducted various parents meetings and classes for students from Std. I to IV, explaining the need to create awareness among children and parents about child sexual abuse.


27th March 2012 to 13th April 2012

      • Annual Examinations were conducted for all the sections viz. Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary.


27th April 2012 & 28th April 2012

      • Open Houses for the Annual Examinations were organized, wherein each parent were called and interacted personally about their respective students performance during the academic year.


3rd May 2012

      • E-Learning Kits were installed in two classrooms in association with “Mexus E-Learning”
      • This will enable the teachers and the students to equip themselves with the most innovative and latest teaching methods


7th  May 2012 – 17th May 2012

      • Training sessions were arranged for teachers for the E-Learning Classes to enable the teachers adapt with the e-learning technology.