Founder's Message

Mr. Rafiq G. Siddiqui

Founder cum Principal

I am grateful to God to have given me this opportunity to speak and welcome all of you at Holy Mother English School. The foundation of this school was laid by my humble self, my best friend Mr. Satyanarayana Nelly and one of my students Mr. Ganesh Bharyawala on 4th July 2005. We were ably advised and assisted by many of my teachers namely Mr. Sampson, Mr. Toralkar and Mr. Venugopal. This wouldn’t have been possible without our respective families’ never ending support.

The objective of founding this school was not merely to add one more English Medium school to the already existing ones. We believe education is not only for the elite and moneyed people, but the poor and disadvantaged section of the society too have an equal right on educating themselves. We found education in Malwani was becoming dearer by the day thereby making it unaffordable to the vast majority of this area. We have only one main objective, which overrides all others, that is, no child should be deprived of education only because his / her parents cannot afford to pay fees. We have this commitment to the society at large that no child who comes to Holy Mother English School to educate himself will ever be turned away only because his family cannot pay the fees.

This school is entirely dedicated to the children from whom we learn so much. We have a vision of making Holy Mother the most child centric and child friendly school in Malwani. We may not at present possess the finesse of architecture in our school building but that does not in any way obstructs us in providing quality education to our students with whatever infrastructure we possess right now. We believe in inclusive education where the physically challenged and the normal student have respect and admiration for each other’s uniqueness and abilities.

As it is aptly said “A candle doesn’t lose anything by lighting another candle”. And its always nice to light a candle rather than curse a darkness.