Sponsor A Cause

Sponsor A Child For 2012-2013
Shaikh Saira
Std : VIII
Gupta Anukriti
Std : VI
Thakur Laxmi
Std : VI
Siddiqui Umar
Std : III
Khan Saniyai
Std : I
Shinde Omkar
Std : Sr.K.G.
Aiyangar Kartik
Std : V
Khan Sahil
Std : I
Gaikwad Suraj
Std : II

Sponsor A Cause


Sponsor A Child's Education

We ask our sponsors to make a commitment for each year until their sponsored child completes school education.

Academic Year : 2012 - 2013
Pre-Primary & Primary - Rs. 6,000 /-
Secondary - Rs. 8,400 /-

The above amount includes the following
• Books (Notebooks, Textbooks, Workbooks, etc)
• Uniform (2 pairs), P.T. Uniform, Tie, I-card, socks
• Tuition fees (12 months), Term fees (2 term)
• Recreational activities (picnic, study tours, etc)
• Computer fees, Library charges, Exam fees, etc.

TAX Benefits

While giving is best done as an act of pure human love, we appreciate that tax benefits will help you stretch your contributions even further. Contributions to our organisation are eligible for the following tax benefits:
u/s 80G of the IT Act up to 50% of your donation is deductible.


Cash / Cheques / Drafts should be drawn in the favour of
“Holy Mother English School”

The truth of the matter is that the children of India need our help. If education is neglected, it perpetuates the vicious cycle of poverty.

Against enormous odds, people are coming together to prevent this and help children study in school. It is a massive endeavor which involves the kindness and support of the Government, the corporate sector and donors such as you.

We ask you now to support us by sponsoring a child's education for a year. It will help them stay in school. Their lives will be changed forever.

As an individual donor, you have the power to stand up and make a difference. Holy Mother English School is a large family of people working together to change the future of India by reaching out to Her children.



Once a sponsor agrees to support a child, the Sponsor will:
• Receive a picture and a brief description of the child and the reward of supporting a child who otherwise may not attend school.

• Communicate with their child through Holy Mother English School, two times per year, receiving a personal note, an update on the child’s progress in school, and pictures. Sponsors may send personal letters, pictures, drawings from family members, and the like.

Join us now and be a part of the change.