Vision & Mission


The seeds were sown with inculcation

To empower the underprivileged children, provide education
Infuse confidence in them
To make them self reliant
To enable them lead life with dignity and high self esteem
To help create destiny of success for themselves
To instill values, righteousness and mettle
It is our intent to build a literate India with its people having confidence in themselves.
To give a helping hand to society in general and students in particular to march ahead in life with a direction as well as a purpose in life.

Mission & Objectives

To provide quality education ensuring integrated development of the youth. enabling them to discover their latent talents.
To provide a wide array of social and recreational activities aimes at inculcating moral values and developing confidence in students to march forward on the road to success.
To pursue an educational philosophy that unites competence with conscience and develops intellectual toughness and strong character thereby moulding the leader of tomorrow.
To nurture an academic envornment conducive to the pursuit of knowledge that would brighten up the lives of the youth and help them to be good human beings.